10 Amazing Benefits of Using Lip Tint (& 5 Drawbacks)

10 Amazing Benefits of Using Lip Tint (With 5 Drawbacks)
10 Amazing Benefits of Using Lip Tint (With 5 Drawbacks)

The cosmetics world is saturated with so many lip products. That making a decision on which one suits you best, can be a daunting task. And Lip Tints are the newest lip products to take the beauty market by storm.

Now, this article will simplify all the benefits and cons of lip tints so you can easily make the choice of whether they are worth, adding to your beauty routine.

A Lip tint is a cosmetic that applies a sheer natural-looking color on the lips. Lip tints are most times in the form of a liquid gel or mousse that when wiped off leaves a mild subtle looking color on the lips.

Video showing the application of a lip and cheek tint

Benefits of Lip Tints

Lip tints have many benefits when compared to other lip coloring products. The benefits of Lip tints include:

  1. Lip Tints are ideal for a minimal or natural makeup look.
  2. They can be used for multiple purposes such as a cheek tint.
  3. Lip tints last longer on the lips than other lip coloring products like lipsticks.
  4. They work well to create the gradient or ombre style of lip color application.
  5. The container that most lip tints come in, makes application easy.
  6. The color of lip tints are buildable allowing for a brighter effect if needed.
  7. Most lip tints colors are affordable.
  8. Lip tints often have sunscreen in them which offers protection to the lips.
  9. They don’t smudge as easy as lipsticks and glosses.
  10. Most lip tint have ingredients that are safe to use.

1. Lip Tints work well to Create a Natural Makeup Look

A Lip tint tends to fall somewhere between a gloss and a lipstick. It goes on more lightly than lipstick but provides more color than gloss.

This makes it perfect for the no-makeup or natural look. Since the finish is usually matte, makes it indiscernible to others if you are actually wearing makeup.

To learn more about the differences between Lip tints when compared to Lipsticks, you can check here.

2. Lip Tints can be Multi Purpose

Many lip tints are also safe to be used as a cheek tint and as an eye shadow. They add a mild flush of color to the face for a sun-kissed look. They also feel a lot lighter and are easier to layer with other makeup products. 

But before using lip tint on your eyes or face you should read all the packaging on the product for safety info before using it.

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3. Lip tints Last longer Than some Lipsticks

Lip tints last longer than lipsticks and glosses since they stain the outer layer of the lips rather than just sitting on top of the lips.

They last an average of 6 hours compared to traditional lipsticks which last 3- 4 hours.

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4. Lip tints are Great for the Gradient Style of Lip Color Application.

Lip tints are great for creating the gradient or ombre lip style. This is because lip tints allow you to easily adjust the concentration of the pigment on the lips.

The gradient look is a type of lip color style where lip color is bolder at the center of the lip but faded out towards the edge of the lip.

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5. The Container that most Lip Tints Come in Makes application easy

Lip tints typically come in a squeeze tube, a twist-up tube, or a vessel similar to the ones that contain lip gloss. So no additional tool is needed when applying it.

6. The Color of Lip Tints are Buildable

Most lip tints have buildable colors, meaning that the more you put on your lips the more vibrant the color will be. But the intensity of the color will never be as bright as a lip stain.

7. Most Lip Tints are Affordable

Most lip tints offer high pigment and long-lasting wear for the fraction of the cost of other lip products. And since it can be used for multiple uses, you save money by not having to buy additional products.

8. Lip Tints often have Sunscreen

Sunscreen and conditioning ingredients in lip tints are important because they help protect the lips from sun damage or skin cancer.

9. Lip Tint Don’t Smudge Easily

Once dried properly, lip tints stay on the surface of lips and don’t move around as easily as lipsticks and glosses.

This is because lip tints are made using pigments in a water-based formula. The pigment in the tint clings to the surface layer of the lips when the watery base has evaporated.

10. Some Lip Tints Can Help To Nourish Your Lips

Lip tints were originally very drying to lips. But recently most lip tint formulas have improved to include ingredients such as hyaluronic acid which help to nourish and improve the health of your lips.

Drawbacks of Lip Tints

While lip tints for the most part have many benefits, there are still some downsides to consider before trying them.

  1. The color may be too subtle looking for some.
  2. Lip tints have a liquid formula that have to be carefully applied because it can drip and spill.
  3. Lip tints don’t have a variety of shades when compared to other lip products.
  4. The pigment in lip tints don’t last as long as lip stains and some liquid lipsticks.
  5. Some brands of lip tints can be drying to the lips.

1. The color may be too mild for some people

If you are not someone who enjoys a subtle, natural look then you may not enjoy lip tints. Lip tints have a mild color and sheer coverage which may not be desirable to anyone looking for a full coverage lip color.

2. Lip tints have a liquid formula so it Has to be Applied carefully

The consistency of lip tints tend to very liquid so it has to be applied carefully or it will spill and leak. However, even though it is very watery, it dries quickly.

3. Lip Tints Don’t have Many Shade Options

There are not as many variety of shades of lip tints when compared to lipsticks.

4. The color in lip tints are not as long lasting as Lip Stains

Lip tints last long compared to traditional lipsticks and glosses. But they are not as long-lasting as lip stains and some liquid lipsticks. Lip tints will need to be reapplied if you plan on wearing them for longer than 4 hours.

5. Some brand of lip tints can be drying to the lips

Some lip tints are incredibly drying to the lips and had to be worn with some type of lip moisturizing balm to avoid cracking.

This was because it was made from a water-based formula that was quick to dry. But recent formulas have improved and are more hydrating.

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