Rubbing Ice on Lips: Benefits & Cons – What to Expect

Rubbing Ice on Lips: Benefits & Cons-What to Expect
Rubbing Ice on Lips: Benefits & Cons-What to Expect

Adding ice to your beauty routine is an effective way of improving your lips and skin without breaking the bank.

Generally, Ice is recognized for its ability to ease pain, lessen swelling and speed up functional recovery.

However, in this article, we will be focusing on the effects that ice has when applied directly to the lips. And how you can use it to improve your lip’s appearance.

What happens when you rub Ice on your Lips


When ice is applied to the lips, it constricts your blood vessels due to its low temperature, lowering blood flow to the lips (vasoconstriction).

Then once the ice is removed, the blood vessels expand again, during which blood circulation to the lips increases rapidly. The increase in blood circulation causes a soothing and cooling effect as well as improved color to the lips. 

Ice also helps in exfoliating and softening your lips. This makes it perfect for chapped lips. Since the ice can control the inflammation and ease the pain associated with chapped lips.

Icing your lips, along with consuming adequate water, can keep your lips moisturized and soft, preventing cracked lips in the first place.

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Does putting Ice on the Lips make them Bigger

Massaging your lips with ice is a great way to make your lips look bigger instantly. This is because the ice causes increased circulation and increased compressing of blood vessels in the lips- this leads to plumper-looking lips.

Additionally, the ice helps with smoothing the lines on the lips and the wrinkles around them, making them look fuller, and smoother.

However, the increased plumpness of the lips is only temporary and will go away after a while. But the lips will remain feeling softer and more hydrated.

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How to Use an Ice cube to make Lips Bigger

  • You can use ice cubes or fill an empty lip balm container with water and freeze.
  • Using circular motions, gently massage the lips with the ice.
  • You can do this for 10 minutes, taking a break if the ice becomes too overwhelming.
  • However, if the ice is too irritating or too cold to contact the lips directly, wrap the ice cubes in a clean washcloth.
  • For additional benefits on your lips, you can also mix Aloe Vera gel with water and freeze them.
  • This ice massage is safe to do every day on the lips.

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Can Ice remove Dark Spots on Your Lips

Ice can help with improving the appearance of dark lips since it activates skin cells in the lips. This leads to increased blood flow to the lips and a more flushed color and healthier-looking lips.

Using ice on the face also adds to increased color, especially on the cheeks. And the same principle applies to the lips.

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Does Ice Help to Make Your Lips Smaller

Most people would love to have full lips but if your lips are larger than normal then it may throw off the symmetry of your face.

Ice won’t help in shrinking lip size, instead, it will temporarily plump the appearance of lips even more due to increased blood flow.

However, if your lips are swollen from inflammation, irritation, allergy, medication or injury. Using ice on the lips will reduce the swelling.  Ice can work to help reduce redness, blister swelling, and minor discomfort. It does this by narrowing the blood vessels. This causes less blood to reach the injury. Ice also helps decrease pain signals.

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Benefits of Rubbing Ice on the Lips

There are many benefits to rubbing ice on the lips. These include:

  1. Ice helps to reduce the pain of chapped lips as well as to speed up the process of healing.
  2. Ice softens and moisturizes dry lips.
  3. Less pigmentation on the lips is caused by healthier lip cells.
  4. Using ice on the lips leads to a more vibrant color on the lips due to increased circulation.
  5. Temporary plumpness of the lips is achieved by rubbing ice on the lips.
  6. Rubbing ice causes reduced wrinkles on the lips as a result of increased hydration.
  7. If lips are swollen due to injury or inflammation, ice reduces swelling and irritation.

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Disadvantages of rubbing ice on the Lips

Here are a few disadvantages of rubbing ice on the lips.

  1. If you have sensitive skin, ice may cause burning or irritation when applied to the lips.
  2. Ice applied directly on the lips for a long time may cause frostbite.
  3. Everyone’s pain tolerance is different and rubbing ice on the lips may be too painful for some.

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