Are Lip Plumper Glosses Safe & What are the Side Effects

Are Lip Plumper Glosses Safe & What are the Side Effects
Are Lip Plumper Glosses Safe & What are the Side Effects

Full luscious lips are a beauty trend that is here to stay and because of this Lip Plumping Glosses have gained immense popularity. This is because they make your lips look fuller and plumper without using any invasive needles.

Now in this article, we will delve into Lip Plumping glosses to explain:

  • The safety issues that plumping glosses may have.
  • How often you can use them.
  • We will also share a few easy tips to avoid any irritation they cause.

Are Lip Plumping Glosses really Safe

Lip Plumping Glosses are safe if used correctly and if not overused. To ensure maximum safety and minimum risk you should always do an allergy test on your hands before applying it directly to your lips.

Now the main reason why a lot of individuals think that plumping glosses might be dangerous is mainly because of how most lip-plumping glosses work which is by irritating the skin. Citation.

The irritation from the gloss is what causes the lips to plump and develop an enhanced color. But most of the irritants used in lip plumper glosses are ingredients that are safe to use such as ginger, cinnamon, wintergreen, capsicum, or menthol.

And the levels of these ingredients are low and considered safe when used at these concentrations.

So the risk of using plumper glosses on your lips is very minimal. The irritation caused by the plumping gloss would be akin to eating a very spicy meal which is not as destructive or carry much risks to the lips as when compared to more invasive lip plumping products.

You can click here to learn more about the ingredients and science used by lip plumper glosses.

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What Happens When You Overuse Lip Plumper Glosses

The majority of problems that arise with using lip plumping glosses stem from overuse. You see the overuse of plumping glosses can cause the lips to become quite irritated. As a result, they can dry, peel, crack and even bleed.

The top lip is the most vulnerable as the skin is often thinner than on the bottom. Overuse of lip plumping glosses can also lessen their effectiveness over time, meaning you will see less of a difference in your lips.

If you are worried about irritating the lips you should consider newer formulas of lip plumping gloss which work by hydrating the lips or building collagen in the lips rather than irritating them.

These types of glosses can be used every day but the results may not be as fast or prominent as those caused by the irritants. You can click here to learn about the different types of lip plumper glosses.

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How Often Should you Use Lip Plumping Glosses

Lip plumper glosses can be a controversial topic and the question of their usage is also divisive.

Most plumper glosses carry instructions that say they can be applied on a daily basis and reapplied every four hours.

However, most dermatologists, argue that you should be more cautious about using these glosses multiple times a day. This is because they cause extreme dryness on the lips when overused. The dryness in turn will lead to cracking or peeling of the lips.

Dermatologists advise that if you must use lip plumpers everyday- the glosses should be used over a moisturizing balm or primer or over lipstick and gloss. The layering of the gloss over other lip products will reduce its direct contact with the skin and thus limit the dryness it may cause.

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Safer Way to Plump Lips

A good Lip Liner correctly applied with lipstick can be used to make your lips look bigger. You can click here to learn how to use a lip liner to make lips look bigger.

What Happens if you use a Lip Plumper Everyday

If you use lip plumpers that plump lips by irritation every day- they will lose their effectiveness overtime. This is because your lips will become accustomed to the irritants and lose their sensitivity to them.

If you must use a lip plumper everyday it is best to look for glosses that work by naturally plumping the lips. These types of glosses contain ingredients such as hyaluronic acid — which is a moisture molecule already in the skin and peptides which induce collagen production.

Side Effects of Lip Plumping Glosses

When using a plumping gloss, these are some of the side effects that can occur:

  1. Swelling
  2. Redness
  3. Itchiness
  4. Burning
  5. Cracking
  6. Peeling

1- Swelling

The swelling or plumping is caused by the irritants, which causes blood to rush to the surface of the lips forming a fuller structure.

The irritants also help to hold onto moisture on the skin’s surface which gives the lips a swelling effect. However, this swelling should be temporary.  Any blisters, rash, or intense swelling of the lips could be a sign of an allergy.

2- Redness

Lip Plumpers cause blood vessels to relax and expand, causing the affected area to appear plumper and fuller.

As a result, the natural lip color improves- appearing more pink or red. However, if this redness is a result of a rash, discontinue use.

3- Itchiness

When applied, a lip plumper will always cause a tingling sensation. But if you are experiencing an extremely uncomfortable prickly feeling or itchiness then you may be reacting to the ingredient niacin which is normal.

Niacin is an ingredient in lip plumpers used to increase blood flow and causes flushing of the superficial capillaries of the skin. The side effect of this is uncomfortable itchiness.

4- Burning

A mild burning is expected when using lip plumpers. But the burning should be similar to eating a spicy meal. If any severe burning occurs, remove the gloss immediately and discontinue using it.

5- Cracking and Peeling

This occurs mostly when the gloss has been overused or as a result of the lips not being thoroughly moisturized before the application of the gloss.

Always ensure that your lips are moisturized and choose a Lip Plumper that has moisturizing properties.

Side effects of lip plumping glosses
Side effects of lip plumping glosses

Why Do Lip Plumpers Sting

Lip Plumpers sting or cause a tingling sensation because they contain ingredients that naturally irritate the skin. Such as cinnamon, ginger, mint, niacin, wintergreen, or capsicum (the fiery compound in hot peppers). These ingredients boost blood flow to the lips by stimulating blood vessels, leading to mild swelling and redness.

However, the stinging sensation and the plumping of the lips are temporary.

Effects of Lip Plumper Gloss

Allergic Reaction & Remedy if a bad reaction happens

Signs of an allergic reaction to a lip plumping gloss include:

  1. rash
  2. blisters
  3. severe burning
  4. itching
  5. cracking
  6. inflammation
  7. peeling of the lips


Proper Treatment for an allergic reaction includes applying a cold compress to the lips, using antihistamines, and if necessary using an OTC low-strength topical steroid. If the reaction is extreme you should visit a doctor as soon as possible.

If you experience an allergic reaction to Lip Plumper Glosses you should discontinue the use of the gloss and avoid it in the future.

Always read the labels of a lip plumping gloss before use- to check for ingredients that you may have an allergy to and do an allergy test on your hands before use.

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