Tips on How to Pick a Lip liner & Whats Best Color for You

Tips on How to Pick a Lip liner & Whats Best Color for You
Tips on How to Pick a Lip liner & Whats Best Color for You

Lip liners can be thought of as a foundation for perfect lips, so it is important that you find the correct shade.

But due to the large variety of lip liner shades, it is often difficult to choose a shade that would be flattering to your lips. Citation.

So in this article, we will provide detailed tips to help you choose the perfect shade of lip liner.

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Tips on How to Pick the Right Lip Liner

To find the perfect lip liner for your look, here are the things you need to consider before making your choice.

  1. You need to use a lip liner that complements your lipstick color
  2. Consider how you are planning to use the liner to define your lips
  3. Consider if you are Planning to Wear lip liner by itself
  4. Choose a lip liner best suited for your skin tone
  5. Consider the type of lip liner you want
  6. Pick a lip liner based on the texture of the lipstick
  7. Consider the Appearance of your lips
  8. Look for moisturizing liners

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1- Match your Lip Liner with your Lipstick Color

The main factor to consider when choosing a lip liner is that the lip liner needs to compliment your lipstick.

  • To create a gradient effect on lips, choose a lip liner color to work the inner part of your lips that is at least two shades darker than your lips.
  • For a base for lipstick, use a lip liner color that is as close as possible to the color of the lipstick you want to wear. 
  • For plumper lips use a lip liner, a shade darker to contour and overline lips before applying lip color. Click here to learn How to use a Liner for plumper lips.
  • For an ombre effect on lips, choose a lip liner color at least two shades deeper than your lipstick. This will give you a two-dimensional lip look. 

6 Tips How to Correctly Wear Lip Liner & Lip Gloss Together

How to Pick a Lip Liner Based on the Color of Your lipstick

Another tip when using a lip liner with other lip colors is usually safe to use a lip liner that is within the color family as the lipstick, you are using.

For example, if you are using pink lipstick, stick to using a pink-tone lip liner shade. Using the same color family lip color helps to make your lips look balanced. It will also make for a seamlessly blended application.

As much as staying safe is recommended, makeup has evolved to become a form of expression, which allow us to experiment with different mix-and-match combos.

Recommended Brand of Lip Liner

My favorite brand of Lip Liner is the Maybelline New York Line, Click here to see which color suits you

Video showing How to Apply Lip Liner

Should a lip liner be the same shade as the lipstick

This depends on whether you are using the liner as a lip contour or as a base.

What color lip liner is best to use for lip contouring

If you are using lip liners to contour and add definition, the lip liner should be one or two shades darker than the lipstick you are using.

For beginners, it is safer to stay within the same color family. But the liner should be darker than the lipstick shade.

By using a color a shade darker, it enables the lip border to be more pronounced and the lip shape more accentuated. Contouring with a slightly darker color also makes the transition of the colors more natural-looking.

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What color lip liner when using it as a base

However, if you are using a lip liner as a base, the lip liner should be the same or similar in color to the lipstick. This will however make your lipstick seem a bit darker than the actual shade of the lipstick

Using a lip liner as a base also helps to cover up any discoloration on your lips.

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What color combinations to avoid with lip liner

1- Don’t line lips with a too darker lip liner than your lipstick. If you do this, the liner forms a ring around your lips, drawing attention to the outline of the lips rather than to the lips themselves.

If not properly blended in, this will create a harsh outer line which will not look flattering in most cases since it ages the wearer.

2- Don’t use a lighter lip liner color, than your lipstick shade, to define lips as this causes your lips to look smaller.

Should a lip liner match your Lipstick

Your lip liner does not have to match your lipstick, however, it needs to compliment your lipstick shade.

What color lip liner works best with red lipstick

When choosing a lip liner to use with red lipsticks, it is best recommended to choose one that not only complements your lipstick but also your complexion.

What Color Liner Works Best with Red Lipstick on Lightskin tones

When choosing a lip liner to use with red lipsticks on a light skin tone it is safer to pick a lip liner that is the same or similar to the red lipstick. Use the red lip liner to line your lip border as well as to form a base for the lipstick.

Using a red lip liner with red lipstick, causes the pigment in the lipstick to be bolder and to stand out more.

Plus you can properly carve out the shape of the lips with the liner without affecting the red shade of the lipstick. And a lip liner will enable the lipstick to stay in place and last longer.

Now feel free to experiment with different color liners until you find the exact combination that works for you.

What color lip liner works best with red lipstick on dark skin tones

Now when it comes to brown or darker tones we need a liner that will recreate the natural border of your lips.

For darker tones, we recommend that you experiment until you find the correct liner to suit you.

Video of How to Apply Red Lipstick on a Darkskin Tone

2- Consider How you are planning to use the liner to define your lips

What color lip liner is best to define the borders of the lips

When choosing a lip liner to define the borders of your lips always use a lip liner that is a shade or two darker than the lipstick or lip color you are planning on using. Citation.

How to Pick a lip liner to Overline Lips

When choosing a lip liner to overline lips, to give the appearance of plumper lips. It is advisable to use a lip liner that is 2 shades darker than your lipstick.

By using a darker lip liner we are able to enhance our lips by outlining the natural borders of your lips which create an illusion of bigger lips.

3- Using lip Liner as Lipstick – Which is best suited

When choosing a lip liner to wear as a stand-alone lip color, look for one that is close to your natural lip color. This will give your lips a natural but more vibrant pigmented color.

A lip liner that is similar to your lips will also even out or cover any discoloration on your lips easily since it blends in with the natural color of the lips.

7 Tips How to use a Lip Liner or Pencil as a Lipstick

4- Choose a lip liner color that complements your skin tone

If you are planning on wearing a lip liner on your lips alone, it is best to choose one that compliments your skin tone. To do this you have to access your skin color and decide what type of skin tone you have.

Below is a guide to finding your skin tone and what colors suit each of the skin tones

What Lip Liner Works With Your Skin Tone

1) Cool tone-You have a cool complexion if your skin has a bluish tint and looks best against silver jewelry.

For cool skin tones, you should choose lip liners with blue or purple undertones. 

Example when choosing a red lipstick, go with a liner that has a plum tint rather than an orangey shade.

2) Warm tone- If your complexion has a golden, yellow, or olive hue, you have a warm skin tone.

For warm skin tones, you should consider choosing warm shades of lip liner, such as peaches, oranges, etc.

3) Neutral Tone- If you have a neutral skin tone, you have both warm and cool undertones to your complexion. 

For a neutral skin tone, consider choosing what you love the most as most hues will look good on your complexion.

5- Consider the Type of lip liner do you want

There are different types of lip liners that work differently based on the shape and size of the tip.

1- The pencil is the most popular lip liner because of its creamy texture and its sharp point which makes it easy to define and outline the shape of your lips.

This type of pencil needs to be sharpened.

2- A Retractive lip liner Pen has a twistable end that raises and retracts. This means that the lip liner doesn’t need to be sharpened.

It has a softer and thicker point than a pencil lip liner and gives a heavy outline. These types of liners are best to color the entire lips as a base for lipsticks.

3- A Crayon Lip Liner is similar to a lip liner pencil but it has a broad tip that covers the entire lip easily.

These crayon pencils are best used as a stand-alone lip color for a natural look.

6- Pick a lip liner based on the texture of the lipstick

Lip liners should be the same finish or texture as the lipstick you are using.

What is the Best Liner for a Matte Lipstick

If you are using a matte lipstick then chose a matte lip liner. This helps to make the application much easier.

Bonus Tip

However, if you don’t have a matching lip liner finish, you can use a pencil lip liner as a substitute.

Pencil lip liners have a sharp point that makes it easy to outline the borders of the lips and keep lipsticks from spreading. If used gently, they can also be used to fill in color before lipstick application.

7- Consider the Appearance of your lips

Many people use lip liners as a base for other lip colors. The base works to;

  • Smooth out any lines on your lips to create the illusion of fuller-plumper lips
  • Allow for a smoother application
  • Hide discoloration of lips
  • Keep the lip color in place for a longer period

What is the Best Type of Liner for Wrinkled Lips

If your lips have a lot of lines it’s advisable to pick a moisturizing liner that will allow for easy and smooth application which will help to cover any wrinkles.

Rather than a liner that has a very drying texture which will create more lines and not give a smooth finish.

8– Opt for a Moisturizing Lip Liner

Look for sulfate- and cruelty-free lip liners with nourishing ingredients like jojoba oil, coconut oil, and hyaluronic acid if you have dry skin.

This will help promote healthier lips and prevent them from becoming dry and cracked.

All-Purpose Lip Liner Colors

But if you are looking for an all-purpose lip liner that can be used for defining or as a base for wearing any shade of lip color, an invisible lip liner is the answer.

An invisible lip liner is a clear lip pencil that creates a colorless barrier that prevents glosses and lipsticks from feathering.

These lip liners have a colorless formula that allows them to be used with any shade of lipstick or gloss. 

Click here to view our recommendations for an amazing lip liner Maybelline New York Makeup Color Sensational Shaping Clear Lip Liner

Another lip liner that can be used as a staple lip is a nude lip liner. Nude lip liners work well to carve out any lip shape and won’t overpower most colors of lipstick, tint, stain, or gloss.

Click here to view our recommendations for a great nude lip liner NYX Mechanical Lip Pencil, Nude

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