Lip Tints vs Lip Gloss – Which is Better

Lip Tints vs Lip Gloss - Which is Better
Lip Tints vs Lip Gloss – Which is Better

The cosmetics industry is constantly evolving with new products being released every day. Lip coloring products are now more popular than ever. Gone are the days when lipstick was your only option for applying lip color.

And each type of lip product uses different formulas and finishes to add color to your lips.

Now in this article, we will compare lip tints and lip gloss, so you can easily choose which is better suited to be added to your makeup routine.

What are Lip Tints and Lip Glosses

Both lip tints and lip glosses are similar in that they are both used to enhance your lips by adding a different finish and color.

But the major difference is that they enhance the lips using different techniques.

Gloss uses its thick formula to add shine and a mild color to lips. While the tint adds a natural-looking and long-lasting color to boost lips.

Lip Tint

Lip tint is a type of lip coloring cosmetic, in the form of a liquid, gel, or mousse product that applies a sheer subtle color all over the lips. They are especially great at creating the gradient or ombre style of lip color.

Lip tints have a mostly sheer or matte finish but they last longer than most other lip coloring products. 

The level of coverage though will generally vary with each type of tint. Lip tints are packaged in vessels similar to lip gloss and lip balms.

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How Lip Tint Looks

Application of lip tints

Lip Gloss

Lip glosses are very popular because they are easy to apply. They are used to give lips a glossy luster, and sometimes to add a subtle color. It is usually in the form of a fluid or a soft solid texture.

A Basic lip gloss simply adds shine to the lips without color. Whilst Colored lip gloss adds a combination of color and shine. Glittery lip gloss has a glitter base, with or without color.

Lip glosses are mostly packaged in a cylindrical tube with a wand applicator but some come in tubes with a mouth for easy application.

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Lip Tints or Lip Gloss- Which Is Better

Lip tints and Lip Glosses are both great products. But depending on your cosmetic need, one may be better suited for you based on your preference. Below are some comparisons that highlight the differences in both products.

Lip TintLip Gloss
ColorsThe colors in tints are sheer and natural-looking. But are more pigmented when compared to glosses.Traditional Glosses added shine but no color. But recent formulas of lip glosses have a mild subtle color.
Shade rangeTints have a greater variety of shades compared to glosses.Glosses have options when it comes to shade range. But the options are limited to clear, pinks, reds, and browns.
IngredientsTraditional lip tints were drying to the lips
but recent formulas have improved to be more hydrating.
Lip glosses are made from a mixture of waxes, oils, and pigments. These ingredients are very hydrating to the lips.
FinishesLip tints have a sheer, matte, or natural finish.Glosses have a glittery, glossy, or metallic finish.
LongevityTints last a longer time than glosses. On average a tint will last for 3-4 hours before it needs reapplication.Glosses don’t last long on the lips and need reapplication often.
CoverageTints while sheer have greater coverage than most glosses. Plus the color is usually buildable.Lip glosses give a shiny translucent coverage with mild colors.
Appearance on lipsLip tints give the lips a smoother appearance.Lip glosses make the lips look bigger by hydrating them.
The formula of most Lip tints are runny but it feels light once applied to the lips.Lip glosses have formulas that are thick, sticky, and feel heavy on the lips.
SmudgeLip tints don’t smudge as easily as glosses.Because of their texture glosses are easy to smudge.
Gradient EffectLip tints work well to create the gradient effect.It is difficult to use a lip gloss to layer color on the lips.
Ease of applicationTints need to be applied carefully since some formulas can be runny.Glosses are easier to apply to the lips as they have a thicker formula.
Ease of TransferLip tints dry quickly so they won’t transfer as easily as glossesLip glosses remain tacky on the lips so they transfer easily.
Table showing differences in lip tints and lip glosses

Differences in the way Lip tints & Lip Glosses Work

Both Lip tints and Lip Glosses work very differently because they are made using different formulas and are used for different styles of lip makeup.

Lip tints work using a water- based formula mixed with pigments. Once the tint is applied to the lips, the watery base evaporates leaving behind the pigment which stains the outer layer of the lips.

In tints, the water in the formula is what makes the pigment easily absorbed by the skin. When the water in the tint dissipates, the pigment remains and “tints” or “stains” the lips.  

Some lip tints have a peel off formula that once applied and dried, it can be peeled off. The formula leaves behind the pigment on the lips even though it has been removed.

Whereas, Lip Glosses are made using a formula containing a mixture of waxes, oils, and pigments. Now once the gloss is applied to the lips, it covers the top layer of the lips.

With the gloss being the new surface, your lip changes to the glosses’ color and glossy shiny gel-like texture.

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Effects of Lip Tints & Lip Gloss on your Lips

Effect of Lip Tints

Once a Lip tint is applied to the lips, it adds a flush of translucent color.  This color is very natural looking since it has a matte finish. Even if the tint residue is wiped off, the pigment still remains on the lips.

However, some tints can have a very drying effect. If your lips are already dried or cracked make sure to moisturize them with a lip balm before applying the tint.

If your lips are hydrated, lip tints tend to have a smoothing effect on them because they penetrate into the lip lines, making the lips look bigger.

So you should always look for tints that have hydrating ingredients. You can also apply some lip gloss after using the tint for a glossy effect.

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Effect Of Lip Gloss

The colors in lip glosses are not as prominent on the lips as lip tints. But the waxes and petroleum in lip glosses form a barrier that prevents the evaporation of internal lip moisture.

Glosses also help to keep lips soft and moisturized. They also enhances the lips by making them look plumper from the increased hydration as well as shine.

Which One lasts Longer – Lip Tint or Lip Gloss

Lip tints last an average of 3-4 hours while lip glosses last only 1-2 hours. The reason why lip tints last longer has to do with its water-based formula that sticks onto the outer layer of the lips.

Lip glosses, on the other hand, are made from an oil-based formula making them sticky and easy to remove.

Which one Smudges Easier – Lip Tint or Lip Gloss

Now because lip glosses are thick and sticky they are not absorbed into the lips so they transfer easily from the lips to other objects such as eating utensils.

Lip tints don’t smudge easily since the pigments in them stain the lips rather than sit on the outer layer of them.

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