Lipstick with SPF – What You Need to Know

Lipstick with SPF - What You Need to Know
Lipstick with SPF – What You Need to Know

SPF is a must when it comes to skin care and even your lips need the added protection! However, there aren’t many lipsticks with SPF built into the formula on the market. So what do we do?

We go hunting and we improvise! But first, let’s answer.

Does regular lipstick protect lips from the sun?

Regular lipstick does not protect your lips from the sun. 

Even though it covers your lips, the UV rays from the sun are still able to penetrate through lipstick and get into your skin. So just using bare regular lipstick will leave you exposed.

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Are There Lipsticks With SPF Already In Them

Now I have searched and searched and I have not managed to find good lipsticks that already have SPF built into their formulas.

But I did find some great lip gloss and lip balms that can be paired with lipsticks. 

This is where the improvisation will come in. If you cannot get your hands on a good lipstick with SPF like me, then you can choose a great lip balm or lip gloss and pair it with your favorite lipstick. 

Or, you can opt for tinted lipgloss or lip balm which will protect your lips and still give you some color. Which one you choose will depend on the look you’re going for. 

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Why do you need SPF on your lips?

Your lips, just like the rest of your skin, can be damaged by the rays of the sun. So, they also need to be protected. 

UV rays from the sun can also cause free radical damage in your lips that can lead to darkness, wrinkling, sun spots, and even sunburn on your lips!

The problem with regular sunscreen is that it can be too drying or too harsh for your lips, which have thinner, more sensitive skin. So, skincare brands have formulated lip care products that moisturize your lips, remain gentle, and also provide SPF coverage. 

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Best Lip Glosses With SPF

1- Supergoop! Lipscreen Lip Gloss with SPF 40

Supergoop Lipscreen is on the pricey side but the quality is worth it and a little goes a very long way. It is clear and water-resistant so you can get your lips wet without having to worry.

It pairs well with many different lipsticks. It is a gloss so it will add shine to your lips. However, if you use a matte lipstick, it will absorb a little of the shine.

If you put it over a glossy formula or a satin formula, it will add some shine. If you use it over a liquid matte lipstick or a lip stain that dries down, it will add some shine, hydrate the lips, and still give you the protection you need. 

You can Click here to check out the Supergoop! Lipscreen Clear Lip Gloss with SPF 40 on Amazon. 

2- Neutrogena MoistureShine Lip Soother Gloss with SPF 20

A more budget-friendly option that I love is Lipsoother by Neutrogena. It has an SPF of 20, which is great for lip gloss, and it’s easy to pair and wear over lipstick. It is best used if you are going for a hydrated, shiny look.

It does not dry down too much (it is a gloss, after all). But it wears all day as long as you do not go swimming, bite with your lips, or attach your lips to different surfaces (wink wink!).

You can Click here to see the Neutrogena MoistureShine Lip Gloss with SPF 20 on Amazon. 

3- Colorescience Sunforgettable Lip Shine with SPF 35

This is a true lipgloss that is available in 4 shades, one of which is clear. It has a high SPF content and provides long-lasting protection for your lips.

It pairs well with lipsticks or can be used on its own in natural shades to give you a subtle tint. It is a bit pricey but one tube will last you quite a while as you only need a small amount. 

Click here to see the price for the Colorescience Sunforgettable Lip Shine with SPF 35 on Amazon. 

Best Lip Balms With SPF

Now lip balms with SPF are much more common. There are tons that you can choose from and they can be applied before your lipstick or after your lipstick, depending on the formula of the lipstick you are using. 

Here are our favorites:

1- MDSolarSciences Tinted Lip Balm with SPF 30

Now this lip balm, ladies. This. Lip. Balm. It says it’s a lip balm but it infuses color like sheer lipstick. It’s the best of both worlds.

It is formulated with hydrating ingredients and protective sunscreen as well as a rich dose of color that stays on!

Even if you use this every day, one tube will last you a while. And honestly, I chalk up more than this for regular lipsticks from my favorite brands. So for this one that also has SPF and a great formula? Yes, please. 

You can Click here to get the MDSolarSciences Tinted Lip Balm with SPF 30 on Amazon.

2- Supergoop! PLAY Lip Balm Broad Spectrum SPF 30

Supergoop makes great SPF products and their lip balms are no different. A little goes a long way and it protects your lips wonderfully from all the different kinds of UV rays.

It’s easy to apply either under your lipstick or in a thin layer over your lipstick. 

You can Click here to view and purchase the Supergoop! PLAY Lip Balm Broad Spectrum SPF 30 on Amazon. 

3- Sun Bum SPF 30 Sunscreen Lip Balm

This is a great and effective budget-friendly option for lip balms that offer sun protection. It has a relatively high SPF content and its formula is thick and easy to apply.

A light swipe will give you generous coverage without that extra shiny look. It works great under or over lipstick, although I think it’s best underneath!

You can Click here to see the price for the Sun Bum SPF 30 Sunscreen Lip Balm on Amazon. 

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