Matte Vs Glossy Lipstick- Which is Better & How to Choose

Matte Vs Glossy Lipstick- Which is Better & How to Choose
Matte Vs Glossy Lipstick- Which is Better & How to Choose

Lipsticks are a girl’s best friend (most times) and if it wasn’t already hard enough to find the right colors, we also now have to decide which formula to use.

By now, most girlies (myself included) have their signature colors well figured out. But, knowing which textures and formulas work well for you and when to wear what? That’s another experiment itself!

So in this article, I will talk about matte vs glossy lipstick and how to choose the one that is best for you.

Matte vs Glossy Lipstick – Formula and Finish

Apart from the obvious difference in the finish, matte and glossy lipsticks mainly differ in their formulas (which account for the finish). 

Matte Lipsticks:

When it comes to formula, matte lipsticks dry down on the lips to give a flat pop of color. They generally do not contain ingredients that will leave any extra moisture or shine.

Therefore, if your lips need hydration, matte lipstick might not be best for you. You can use chapstick or lip primer underneath but depending on their formula, they may affect how long your matte lipstick lasts and how it looks. 

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Glossy Lipsticks

On the other hand, glossy lipsticks are known to leave your lips with that glazed finish. It usually contains ingredients that moisturize your lips and keep the formula slick, much like a chapstick.

Glossy Lipstick also usually gives the illusion of having fuller lips so they are great for people with thin lips. They are also great for people with dry and/or sensitive lips. Glossy lipsticks moisturize the lips and keep them so while adding the glossy finish without calling attention to any cracks. 

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Matte vs Glossy Lipstick- Which One Lasts Longer

Matte lipsticks will last longer than glossy lipsticks. 

Matte lipsticks dry down and cling to your lips very well. They are much easier to eat or drink with if you have to. Matte Lipsticks do not usually bleed and will not transfer easily. So, they will last hours and hours without needing to be touched up, especially if your formula is a liquid one that goes on wet and dries like a stain. 

Glossy lipsticks, however, will not hold up as long as matte ones. These lipsticks have the consistency of chapstick (some can be thicker or thinner) and can easily be wiped off. They also transfer very easily so if you eat and drink, or you lick your lips a lot, you will need to reapply your lipstick often. 

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Matte vs Glossy Lipstick – When To Wear What

Glossy Lipstick:

In my opinion, glossy lips are playful and sexy, but can also be casual. Think of glossy lipstick as the confident, unbothered girl that doesn’t try very hard and doesn’t need to!

Glossy is perfect if you don’t have the time or energy to meticulously apply lipstick the way matte ones generally need to be applied.

It can be put on your bare lips with just some lip liner (I even skip the liner sometimes, but it does help with feathering and bleeding). Depending on the color you choose, you can opt for a natural, casual look, or a naturally bold and sexy look.

Glossy Lipsticks are most suitable for nighttime events (preferably not the ones where you have to eat and drink a lot) or for daytime, outdoor events where the weather and your lips will probably be dry. 

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Matte Lipstick:

Now matte lipsticks are lipstick baddies. Think of them as the more sophisticated, disciplined girl. Straight up, no-nonsense vibe.

Matte lipsticks are perfect for food dates, meetings, long events, or if you just want to make a bold statement. If you have naturally plump lips, then that’s even better. They will last very long and mostly will not budge as you go through your day so if you are a busy girlie, that’s one less thing to worry about.

You will need some more time and attention to detail when applying this, however, so make sure you leave enough time in your routine for that.

I do think they are most suitable for daytime, indoor events, but they can make quite the statement at night too, depending on the occasion. 

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Matte vs Glossy Lipstick – What Do Guys Think

So, to see what the men think about their dates or friends using different kinds of lipsticks, we had quite a few random dudes answer a few questions. Here’s how that went:

Question 1: Do you know what matte lipsticks and glossy lipsticks are? (we had tubes of lipstick with us that we swatched on their hands so they could see and feel the finish). 

Results: Most of the men had a general idea about what these lipsticks would look like on lips (I mean, it is in the names). 

Question 2: Which one would you prefer on your girlfriend or someone you were going on a date with? 

Results: A surprising number (majority) of them said it didn’t really matter. 

A few of them said as long as the girl liked it (Awww!) and it looked good. 

A number of them said that they prefer the ones that wouldn’t transfer to their clothes, skin, or mouth after every kiss.

A few of them said whichever one was easier to lick off (ahem!). 

And, one dude said it would depend on how they… taste? (CAPITAL AHEM!)

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So, what was the verdict?

The majority of guys like the way lipstick looks in general, especially certain colors. But they do not really pay attention to or care much about the formula. That part is all up to you, honey!

I mean, let’s be honest with ourselves, do we really buy 50 different shades of lipstick to impress guys who can probably only name and recognize the 12 main colors on the color wheel? Nope. 


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