6 Tips How to Correctly Wear Lip Liner & Lip Gloss Together

How to Correctly Wear Lip Liner & Lip Gloss Together
How to Correctly Wear Lip Liner & Lip Gloss Together

Lip liner and lip gloss are two lip products that are not often paired together exclusively. But if worn correctly a lip liner and a lip gloss can create a winning look.

In this article, we will share all of our very best tips and tricks when wearing lip liner and lip gloss together.

We will also share our top methods of applying them together so that they will last a long time and the best color combinations of lip liners and lip glosses.

Why you should wear lip liner and lip gloss

Wearing a lip liner along with a lip gloss will:

  1. Ensure that your lip color lasts a long time,
  2. Whilst also maintaining a glossy shine on your lips. Lip liners help to extend the longevity of the lip gloss.
  3. Using a lip gloss on top of the lip liners will also help with creating the illusion of larger lips due to its high shine.

The matte, low-moisture formula of the lip liner works as a primer for your lip gloss. It causes, the gloss to adhere to your lips better because your lips have a more tactile surface- a less smooth surface.

Additionally, a lip liner creates a barrier around your lips, which prevents your lip gloss from feathering or smudging.

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Tips on How to Wear Lip Liner & Lip Gloss Together

1. Prep your lips properly

Before applying any lip color always follow the steps below to prepare your lips:

Exfoliate & Cleanse Lips

Always cleanse your lips to properly remove any lipstick or other lip products from your lips. Next, use a lip scrub to exfoliate your lips and remove dead dry skin from your lips. Having clean lips will make sure that the lip liner application is flawless.

-Moisturize Lips

After making sure your lips are clean and exfoliated. Apply a moisturizing lip balm or oil. Some lip liners can be drying so it is important to have hydrated lips before going over them with lip liner.

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2. Choose color combinations that work well

After prepping your lips, carefully choose a lip liner and lip gloss combination that will work well together. To do this, stick to a lip liner color that looks great on your skin tone.

In choosing a lip gloss, clear gloss tends to work well with any color lip liner. However, if you are using a colored lip gloss try using one in the same color family as the lip liner.

Keep reading to see our suggestions for some amazing lip liner and lip gloss color combinations below.

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3. Sharpen the lip liner properly

Before applying your lip liner, it is crucial that the liner point be sharpened properly for precise application.

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4. Apply the lip liner carefully

There are two methods of applying the lip liner before the application of the gloss. They are

1- Lining your lips with the lip liner only

  1. Using a firm hand with gentle strokes, closely follow the natural lines of your Cupid’s bow.
  2. Draw a line from the Centre of your upper lip—at your Cupid’s bow—to the corners, following your natural lip line.
  3. Next using the same precision, use the lip liner to follow the curves of the lower lip lines, staying on the borders of the lips.

If you would like to have the appearance of larger lips, use the lip liner to slightly overdraw over the cupid bow but stick to the natural borders of the rest of the upper lip line.

For the lower lip line, you can overdraw for the bottom part of the lip line but follow the rest of the lips precisely.

If the lip liner strokes are too dark or intense, try blending them with a lip brush.

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2- Outline your lips then fill them in with the lip liner

This method is an effective way to make your lip gloss last longer. 

  • Pay careful attention to the natural symmetry of your lips. Using gentle strokes glide the lip liner over the natural lines of your Cupid’s bow.
  • Connect the line from the center of your upper lip—at your Cupid’s bow—to the corners, following your natural lip line.
  • Repeat the step for the lower lip line.
  • Using a lip brush blend the lip liner downwards towards the middle of the lips.
  • Next, use the lip liner to fill in the entire lips with the lip liner.
  • You can also go for an ombre effect by filling the liner in opaquely at the outer portion of your lips and then decreasing it to little color at the center portion of your lips.

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5. Apply the lip gloss properly

There are two methods of applying lip gloss. Depending on the level of coverage you want.

Method 1

  • 1. Dab a touch of gloss in the middle of your bottom lip and then rub your lips together.
  • This approach is going to deliver a touch of sheen.
  • You can use the doe-foot applicator that comes with your lip gloss to get the gloss to the corners of your mouth and edges of your lips

Method 2

  • Swipe gloss across your lips like lipstick, avoiding your lip line.
  • For high shine and big-time color, coat your lips two or three times with a buildable lip gloss. 
  • If you are gliding on your lip gloss, don’t get too close to the outer edges of the lips because this can smudge the lip liner.

6. Clean up the edges of the lips

After applying your lip gloss use a Q tip to clean up the outer edges of the lip borders. You can also use concealer around any areas on the face where the lip color may have smudged, for a more dramatic clean look.

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How do you match Lip liner and Lip gloss


The right lip liner and lip gloss combination can elevate any look. Here are some general suggestions that work well together when choosing lip liner and lip gloss.

Color Combination # 1 Use a nude lip liner with a nude gloss

Using your favorite nude lip liner along with a nude lip gloss will give anyone a natural but more polished look.

Not to mention the gloss will give the illusion of plumper lips while the liner will add color and maintain or enhance the shape of the lips.

Our best advice for choosing a nude shade lip liner is to find a color similar to your lips but with a little more pigment and pair it with a nude gloss.

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Color Combination # 2 Pair a brown lip liner with a cherry red gloss

Red lip colors can sometimes come off overpowering. A good way to tame the color is to add structure or depth to the look.

Try using a brown lip liner to line the lips, blend the lip liner then add the red gloss. The brown lip liner will also help to keep the red gloss from smudging all over your face.

Color Combination# 3 Red Lip Liner With a Pink or Mauve Lip Gloss

Using a red lip liner along with a pink lip gloss will amplify the look of the pink gloss. The pop of red lip liner will add structure to mild pink lip glosses that may look muted by themselves.

Color Combination # 4 Nude Lip Liner and Clear Gloss

If you would like to try a “no makeup” makeup look- a great option is to use a nude lip liner to sharpen the shape of your lips before adding a touch of clear gloss on the top.

Color Combination # 5 Brown Lip Liner and Brown Gloss

This look is flattering on every skin tone but it is especially beautiful on brown or dark skin tones. Use a deep-colored brown lip liner to contour the lips, blend together and add a brown lip gloss over the top.

*You can also add a lighter color lipstick in the center of the lips before adding the gloss for an ombre effect.

Color Combination # 6 Peach Lip Liner and Peach Gloss

The key to making this look work is to use two different tones or shades of peach. Use a darker-colored peach lip liner to line the lips before using the peach lip gloss. This adds dimension to the lip look.

Color Combination#7 Black Lip Liner and Red Lips

This lip look is dramatic but very glamorous. It is sure to turn heads wherever you go. Use a black lip liner to overline the borders of your lips blend, then use a red gloss over the top.

Color Combinations #8 Red Lip Liner and Red Gloss

If you love red lip gloss always make sure to pair it with a red lip liner. This will prevent the gloss from bleeding or feathering into the lip lines.

Best Lip Liner and Lip Gloss Combinations

Try these combinations of lip liner and lip gloss for a beautiful look.


Other Options for lip liner and lip gloss combinations

~Nude lip liner with a nude gloss~

  • Try using the Charlotte Tilbury Lip Liner in the shade Iconic Nude with
  • The nude lip gloss  L’Oréal Paris 8 Hour Pro Lip Gloss, in Dulce De Leche.

~Pair a brown lip liner with a cherry red gloss~

~Red Lip Liner With a Pink or Mauve Lip Gloss~

~Nude Lip Liner and Clear Gloss~

~Brown Lip Liner and Brown Gloss~

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~Peach Lip Liner and Peach Gloss~

~Black Lip Liner and Red Lips~

~Red Lip Liner and Red Gloss~

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