What are Lip Plumper Tools- Do they Work & Are they Safe

What are Lip Plumper Tools- Do they Work & Are they Safe
What are Lip Plumper Tools- Do they Work & Are they Safe

Plump lips that make us want to pucker up are all the rage and the beauty industry has not disappointed us when it comes to ways we can achieve this.

So in this article, we will talk about what lip plumper tools are available, how they are used, and how effective they are. 

What Are Lip Plumper Tools

Lip plumper tools are devices that are used on your lips to increase capillary blood flow to them by suction pressure. 

They are non-invasive, generally safe, and usually very effective and easy to use. They are also generally affordable. 

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How Do Lip Plumper Tools Work

Lip plumping tools work by using suction to increase blood flow to the capillaries in your lips. 

When blood flow increases, the lips become a little swollen which gives you that plumping effect. 

Think about sucking your lips into the mouth of a bottle. The lip plumpers use that same concept except that the tools are better designed to fit the contours of your lips. 

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How To Use Lip Plumper Tools

There are some tools are that electronic and will suction your lips for you, while others will require you to suck your lips in. 

Here is a great video of a lip plumper that requires you to suck your lips in:

And here is a review of an electronic lip plumper and how to use it:

How Long Does The Effect Last After Using Lip Plumper Tools

Most lip plumpers provide results that last for 1-6 hours, but this may vary. 

Every person’s body is different and their blood flow response may also be different. Lip plumping from a tool may last longer for some than others. 

It will also depend on how much you use your lips. More movement will relax your capillaries and restore normal blood flow faster. So if you plan to talk or eat a lot, your results may not last as long. 

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Benefits Of Using Lip Plumper Tools

  1. Boosts blood flow to the lips – this makes them more voluminous, pink and healthy looking. It may also increase healing as more blood rushes to the skin. 
  2. They increase the level of hydration in the lips by keeping fluid at the surface. 
  3. Lip Plumper tools prevent the need for lip injections and other invasive procedures that may otherwise be expensive. 
  4. Constant use decreases feathering and liners from around the lips. 

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Risks Of Using Lip Plumper Tools

The major risks associated with using lip plumper tools are linked to using them incorrectly. These include:

  • Bruising
  • Nerve Damage

Remember that lip plumper tools use suction to pull your lips. If you keep it on for too long, or if the suction is too tight for your lips, you can experience some bruising or in the worst case, you could suffer some nerve damage. 

If you have never used lip plumper tools before, I recommend consulting your skin care professional for guidance on which ones might be best for you and how to correctly use them. 

Also, do your research, read the directions on the labels, and trust your body. If your lips feel like they are being hurt, stop immediately. 

Best Lip Plumper Tools

1- Fullips Lip Plumper Tool

The Fullips device works well and produces results quickly. Depending on the user, your lips will remain plump for around 1-4 hours.

To accommodate various lip sizes and shapes, this lip plumper is offered in 3 distinct sizes: big round, medium oval, and small oval.

Given that it is composed of hard plastic, it may be used frequently, but responsibly. Use it in intervals of 15–30 seconds to prevent bruising. It is reasonably priced, convenient, and portable.

You can click here to check out the Fullips Lip Plumper Tool on Amazon. 

2 – JuvaLips Original Lip Plumping Device

This kit includes the JuvaLips lip-plumping device, a removable mouthpiece, a microfiber carrying bag, 2 AAA batteries, & 5 felt liners. It is reviewed as being compact, safe, and easy to use.

The mouthpiece is contoured and detachable. The results last up to 4 hours and it is made of high-quality material. It also has button control for time and pressure to prevent overuse and bruising. 

Click here to see the JuvaLips Original Lip Plumping Device on Amazon. 

3 – ZIOYCKL Lip Plumper

This lip plumper is made of food-grade silicone, is affordable, and is easy to carry around.

It is recommended to be used with a little oil, lotion or Vaseline around the lips to prevent bruising but the results are quick and long-lasting. 

You can click here to view the ZIOYCKL Lip Plumper on Amazon. 

How To Choose Your Lip Plumper Tool

When choosing a lip plumper tool, here are a few things you should look for:

Material – look for soft, non-toxic, eco-friendly, and non-invasive materials like food-grade silicone. 

Shape – look for something that will fit your mouth comfortably. The best-shaped ones are oval but some people also use round ones for more suction. 

Longevity – look for lip plumpers that are proven to provide results that last for 3-4 hours. Also, look for those that are durable and that you can use for a while. 

Mechanism – as tempting as the fancy ones are, I recommend that you stick to the simple ones. Choose a manual lip plumper tool or an electric one with few buttons. This will make it much easier for you to use. 

Movability – since you may need to take this with you in your makeup bag, opt for one that is lightweight and travel-friendly. 

Price – Manual lip plumpers are usually pretty affordable. However, when choosing electric ones, look at the medium to high price ranges for the best materials and mechanisms. The ones that are too cheap may be made with poor materials and poor designs that can damage your lips. Read reviews on what you are buying. 


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